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Underlash Application FAQs

Many of our customers who are allergic to salon glue have reported no issues with our bond. However, as a precaution, we recommend conducting a patch test on your skin before using the product to ensure its suitability for you.

When applying false eyelash extensions we want you to be safe, so taking some time to test patch is a good idea

With the small chance that you have a allergic reaction please see our policy here

Yes absolutely. This is the most user friendly way to apply lash extensions yourself, as your eyes are open during application. The bond stays sticky so you can move the placement of the lash easy without the glue drying too quickly.

Even with no experience you are able to apply the Underlash lashes following our step by step guide of applying false eyelash extensions.

Keep in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better and faster!

C curl. Underlash has been created by a lash pro, C curl is the most comfortable, natural looking lash compared to other curls. Due to how to Underlash lashes are applied (sitting under the lash) a C curl lash is required.

Don't know what a C curl is? Don't worry about it (Lash tech talk)

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