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lash mapping
lash mapping

Map-It Pad

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Plan the Perfect Lashes

Underlash Lash Mapping Pad

These soft and flexible silicone lash mapping pads are a must-have to complement your DIY at home lash application with Underlash. With a slightly sticky surface, these lash mapping pads will hold your lash segments perfectly, whilst you map out your lengths, saving you time and effort.

They are reusable and can be easily cleaned with tape. For a deep clean, use water and a drying fan and your pads will be as good as new!

Never lose another lash segment again with our silicone lash mapping Map-It Pad. The Map Pad with natural stickiness gives your Laced Lashes a place to map out your lash segments for customising your eye style. Also, store additional lashes or assist during the trimming portion of the application. - This little beauty is an all rounder that you won't be able to live without.

Please note: Lash pads come in clear or pink, the colour is randomly picked.

When you receive your lash mapping Map-It Pad, it will come with two sheets of thin plastic on each side. Please note, this is because the Map-It Pad is sticky. Only remove one side unless you want your lash mapping pad to stay in one place at your makeup station.

After cutting your lash segments to size, place them on the Map-It Pad using your applicator in the order you intend to wear them.

Additionally, you can use your Map-It Out Pad to store unused lashes.

For a deep clean, use water and a drying fan and your pads will be as good as new!

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Julia Montgomery
Good quality

Like all the Australian based products of yours another winner