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Clean your natural lashes thoroughly before application. Remove any SPF, face oils, or moisturisers. Apply the lashes on dry, clean lashes for best results.

Leave a 1mm gap between your waterline and the lash segment. Applying too close to the waterline may cause irritation and tempt you to touch your eyes.

Avoid touching or playing with your lashes. The oils from your fingers can weaken the bond and cause the Underlashes to loosen. The key to how to make lash extensions last longer can be as simple as leaving them alone!

For the initial 48 hours, prevent your lashes from direct contact with water. While Underlash lashes are water-resistant, they're not completely waterproof. Avoid submerging them; if your eyes come into contact with water, gently clamp and reseal.

Use the face cloth specifically designed to wrap around your finger. It effectively removes eyeshadow and eyeliner without disturbing your underlashes.

Refrain from sleeping on your face; instead, lay on your back and consider using silk pillowcases to prevent unnecessary friction.

If you reside in a humid location, make sealing and reclamping a part of your daily makeup routine. Apply a small amount only to where the bond was placed.

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