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Inside your kit is a step by step guide but you can also scan the QR code on your lash box which will take you to my You tube Channel giving you a step by step video.You can watch our how to video here.

On average, you can expect to use 5-6 clusters per eye, although this may vary based on the amount of overlap and the size of your eyes.

Yes of course but the “The curler” from the Underlash range has been specially designed with an inbuilt comb to stop the lashes crimping and twisting when you curl as you need that soft lift of the lashes for the Underlash application.

Having at least 2 different lengths will create a more realistic natural look. Shorter lashes should be placed in the inside and longer on the ends (Just how your lash tech would apply them)

Don't know what legnth to get? complete our lash quize here or simply email us at a picture of your lashes, eyes open and looking up.

The reason why the underlash eyelashes are so light weight and comfortable is because the lashes have been hand made which makes them delicate. The lashes are not designed to re use after the 7 day wear not only because of their delicate nature but also for hygiene reasons, if you loose a lash during the 7 days you can definitely re apply that lash.

the lashes are designed to wear anything from 1-7 days+

You can easily remove them at home at your convenience & they are completely damage free.

Your beauty, Your terms.

Yes, you do. The seal is essential for your lash application as the bond stays sticky until sealed. The seal secures the lashes and ensures they have a long hold. 

TIP: Use the seal as part of your make up routine daily to keep lashes staying longer.

Yes, in order for your lashes to stay healthy and un damaged the Underlash lashes need to be removed as instructed using the Underlash remover. 

We recommend patch testing before using, just like any adhesive it's very important to perform a patch test before application. Whilst we do take every precaution to ensure our products are non-toxic & suitable for even sensitive eyes, it may not suit every skin type.


Apply a small amount of bond behind your ear (lower section) & wait 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs.

If irritation occurs, rinse the area immediately with warm water for a few minutes, discontinue use of the product straight away. If irritation persists please seek medical advice. 

Yes absolutely. This is the most convenient way to apply lash extensions DIY, as your eyes are open during application. The bond stays sticky so you can move the placement of the lash easy without the glue drying too quickly. Even with no experience you are able to apply the Underlash lashes following our step by step guide, keeping in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better!

Yes course, Use the curler that is provided in the kit to lift the lashes before application.

Unfortunately no, Underlash needs a natural lash to be placed on. You don’t need to have much natural eyelashes but you need to have some.

We highly suggest for you to start with "The Kit" so you have all the tools to be able to apply your DIY Underlash eyelash extensions with ease.

This is a one off purchase and then all you need is to top up lash ribbons and DIY essentials as you need them.

Yes all Underlash lashes are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. No animal products are used in the manufacturing of our lashes. Our Underlash adhesives & remover are also cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Underlash lashes have a clear lightweight almost invisible band making the lashes more comfortable, undetectable and the most natural looking. Underlash lashes placed under the lashes as applied to on top like regular lash extensions also not to mention that Underlash lashes can last upto 7 days. 

No! making sure that the lashes do not touch your waterline is essential, if you do place too closely to your water line it will cause discomfort and irritation, we recommend you remove lash straight away and re apply! Lash should be placed 1-2mm away from the waterline.

Underlash bond is water-resistant, meaning it can take a splash or two of water but you can not soak the lashes in water, we recommend avoiding getting the Underlash drenched. When you wash your face you can clean around the eyes using wipes and dampened ear buds to get into those smaller areas.

If you get your lashes slightly wet in the shower simply re seal them and pinch.

Clean around your eyelashes using the face cloth, dampen the cloth and wrap around your finger to remove make up in those hard to reach areas.

You sure can but skip the mascara when your Underlash lashes are already doing the heavy lifting? Skip the hassle and let your lashes do the talking!

Our DIY underlash lash extensions look and feel just like salon lashes. Made with the highest quality Korean PBT silk, Making the lashes super lightweight and comfortable. Vegan and cruelty free.

Many of our customers who are allergic to salon glue have reported no issues with our bond. However, as a precaution, we recommend conducting a patch test on your skin before using the product to ensure its suitability for you.

In the unlikely chance you do have an allergic reaction check out the return policy here

Lash packets come without Bond, the bond can be purchased separately here.

Despatch time can be UP-TO 48 hours for regular shipping. Express shipping is same day or within 24hours Monday - Friday.

We sure do, $20 AUD flat rate. If you not see the option to ship to your country. Please contact us

This may be possible If you are in Maroubra, Sydney or Adelaide. Please contact before making your order to see if this can be arranged.

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