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lash kit
lash kit
diy lashes
diy lashes
diy eyelashes
diy eyelashes
diy eyelashes australia
diy eyelashes australia
lash kit
diy lashes
diy eyelashes
diy eyelashes australia

Top me up bundle

Tax included.
  • Natural - Brown
  • Natural - Black
  • Mood - Brown
  • Mood - Black
  • Iconic - Black
  • 1 x 8mm / 1 x 10mm - Short
  • 1 x 10mm / 1 x 12mm - Medium
  • 1 x 12mm / 1 x 14mm - Long
  • White/Clear
  • Black

Our Top Up Lash Kit

This is our basic lash kit that includes The BondThe Seal and The Remover with 2x lash lengths in your chosen style. It includes all of the essentials, perfect for if you are looking for a top-up to your existing supplies.

Important Information About This Lash Kit

This lash kit bundle does not come with the tools to apply your lashes. To access a full lash kit, please consider our Starter Kit

Why do I need more than one length in my lash kit?

Because you need shorter lashes in the inside of your eye for a more natural look, Have a look at your own lashes... they are different lengths.. am I right?

Choose your desired lash style & length and you're good to go with our Lash Kit

Need help choosing? Take The Underlash quiz here

Already purchased DIY Lash Starter Kits? Need a top up? Then look no further.

Eyelash length size chart

Firstly what is The Bond? Included in our eyelash extension kit, the bond is essentially the glue that binds the Underlash lashes to your natural lash.

We suggest using the white bond that dries clear on Brown lashes and the Black bond with the black lashes.

Don't overthink it, it's just the colour of the bond that sits between your natural lash and Underlash extension.

DIY lash extension kit

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Returns & Exchanges

We know it can be overwhelming to choose your lash style online so for any reason you want to swap for another style we can do that on unused, unopened products.

All Items (Excluding Final Sale Items) In Their Unused Or Original Condition Are Eligible For A Return Or Exchange Within 30 Days Of Delivery. To Begin Your Return Or Exchange please email

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Underlash is the most convenient way to apply lash extensions DIY, as your eyes are open during application. The bond stays sticky so you can move the placement of the lash easy without the glue drying too quickly. Even with no experience you are able to apply the Underlash lashes following our step by step guide, keeping in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better!

Ok hear me out, Give yourself 30 minutes for your first go. This is HEAPS of time and yes I hear you, You said 5 minutes! And this will come but I want you to read the instructions and take your sweet time.

The Underlash kit is a single purchase that requires refilling. It includes two packs of Underlash lashes that can be used for 4-5 sets of lash applications, varying on the size of your eyes. The bond, seal, and remover will last for approximately 8-10 sets or around 3-4 months.

Underlash bond is water-resistant but don't go deep-sea diving with them just yet. For the first 48 hours after application, keep those babies dry to let the bond set properly. If you need to clean your face, play it safe and use wipes and ear buds to get into those hard-to-reach areas. And if you accidentally get them wet in the shower, just give 'em a pinch and reseal for maximum lash longevity.

Nope and we are super proud of this. Just be sure to stick to the recommended 7-day wear time and use our specially formulated remover for easy and damage-free removal. Our nourishing ingredients work to break down the bond, leaving your natural lashes unharmed and healthy.

The reason why the underlash eyelashes are so light weight and comfortable is because the lashes have been hand made which makes them delicate. The lashes are not designed to re use after the 7 day wear but we have had many Underlash wearers say they re use their lashes but we do not advertise these lashes as reusable. If you loose a lash during the 7 days you can definitely re apply that lash.

You will receive 2 packs of Underlash lashes in 2 different lengths. The 2 different length's are advised to create a dynamic look using shorter lashes in the inside and longer on the end. each packet contains around 20-23 segments. Need help with choosing your lashes, take our quiz here.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing. Great glue and soft lashes. Easy to use

Arlene Hunsdale

Easy to use amazing looks and excellent longevity. Great glue too!


Nice lashes