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Iconic Lashes

Tax included.
  • 8mm - XTRA Short
  • 10mm - Short
  • 12mm - Medium
  • 14mm - Long

Eyelash length size chart

Need an Iconic Look? Try Our Glam Lashes

Okay, get ready for Underlash's showstopper: the Iconic lashes! These glam lashes are all about those total slay moments, seriously making a statement. They're full, fab, and drama-packed, serving that "wow" factor straight to your eyes - and trust me, we're here cheering for that level of glam. Lash die-hards - if you know, you know.

Glam Lashes to Make an Iconic Statement

Girl, it's all about the vibe, right? You wanna turn heads and own the room? That's your cue for those glam lashes! Think date night with your crush, that BFF's big bash, or when you're feeling like a total boss at a special event. Basically, any time you're ready to slay and feel like a million bucks, those glam lashes are your secret weapon!

** Model wearing lash lengths 12mm and 14mm **

Create your own Glam Lashes with our Iconic Extensions

Paragraph: Needing a full kit? Get everything you need to start your natural eyelash extension journey today with our Starter Kit.

The style of the Underlash lashes in Iconic is comparable to the Volume eyelash extensions applied by a professional lash technician at a salon.

Designed to sit under your upper lash line, Underlash lashes merge seamlessly with your natural lashes.

The Bond is purchased separately. If you are new here start with The Kit.

In 1 packet you can achieve 2 sets of lashes or more depending on the size of your eye and the amount of lash needed.

Available in three lengths - 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

We want our customers to look great and feel great using our products. Select the perfect lash for your eye structure, natural lash quality, and overall goal.

The Underlash lash extensions are weightless and designed to protect your natural lashes from any damage.

We advise to use at least 2 different lengths to achieve a natural look. Customise your look by applying a shorter length lashes in the inside and longer length lashes on the ends.

If you need help with choosing your length then take Find your lash quiz.

Apply the cut segmented eyelashes to the underside of the upper lash line once “The bond” is applied. Watch our tutorial here

Applying the eyelashes using Under the lash technology ensures a seamless finish of the wearer's natural lash -undetectable, lush, and totally confidence-boosting - à la salon style. Lasting up to seven days, Underlash products have been designed with all eye shapes and structures in mind.

We want our customers to look great and feel great using our products.

Made with the highest quality Korean PBT silk, all of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and weightless, to protect your natural lashes from any damage. Each of our products has been created with even the most sensitive eyes in mind..

Free standard shipping in Australia over $50. International worldwide shipping is $20 AUD flat rate.

If your order is created Monday - Friday your dispatch time is usually within 24hours of order made.

Underlash Lashes FAQs

Underlash lashes have durable wear of 1-7 days when applied using The Underlash essentials

Remove your Underlash lashes with The Remover at 7 days to keep your natural lashes healthy.

The reason why the underlash eyelashes are so light weight and comfortable is because the lashes have been hand made which makes them delicate. The lashes are not designed to re use after the 7 day wear but if you loose a lash during the 7 days you can definitely re apply that lash. In saying this we have had customers say they re use their Underlash lashes but we do not recommend for hygiene reasons - your lashes get dirty, you deserve clean fresh lashes.

The Underlash lashes are hypoallergenic and free from paraben/toxins. Many of our customers who are allergic to salon glue have reported no issues with our bond. However, as a precaution, we recommend conducting a patch test on your skin before using the product to ensure its suitability for you.

Unfortunately no, Underlash needs a natural lash to be placed on. You don’t need to have much natural eyelashes but you need to have some.

Cut the segments 1cm for beginners.

On average, you can expect to use 4-5 clusters per eye, although this may vary based on the amount of overlap and the size of your eyes.

No. You need to purchase The Bond seperatly or Purchase The starter Kits to have everything you need to DIY your lash extensions at home.

Underlash bond is water-resistant but don't go deep-sea diving with them just yet. For the first 48 hours after application, keep those babies dry to let the bond set properly. If you need to clean your face, play it safe and use "The cloth" to clean around your lashes.

If you accidentally get them wet in the shower, just give 'em a pinch and reseal for maximum lash longevity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Asian lash review

Absolutely love these lashes especially for my thin hardly there lashes, underlash has been so easy to use and it looks so natural not overly curly. It just adds thickness without looking fake


I absolutely love these lashes! I use to get a different set I think the light volume but these ones are so awesome. I look like I have a beautiful full set of not too dramatic lashes and so easy to use and last 10 or more days 😍😍

Good overall

Main pros - very very easy to apply and the lashes look very good and natural on.
The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because I saw it was hypoallergenic so i had high hopes for it. But after my first application around day 3 my eye felt very irritated and red. I had to remove them the next day. But I thought it might be because I put them too close to my waterline so I tried again with this set of lashes and still had irritation. I might try the white bond to see if it makes a difference.


Amazing. Will keep them stocked up.

5 stars

Perfect and easy to apply

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