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Underlash is the most convenient way to apply lash extensions DIY, as your eyes are open during application. The bond stays sticky so you can move the placement of the lash easy without the glue drying too quickly. Even with no experience you are able to apply the Underlash lashes following our step by step guide, keeping in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better!

Ok hear me out, Give yourself 30 minutes for your first go. This is HEAPS of time and yes I hear you, You said 5 minutes! And this will come but I want you to read the instructions and take your sweet time.

The Underlash kit is a single purchase that requires refilling. It includes two packs of Underlash lashes that can be used for 4-5 sets of lash applications, varying on the size of your eyes. The bond, seal, and remover will last for approximately 8-10 sets or around 3-4 months.

Step 1 - Curl those natural lashes to perfection.

Step 2 - Brush on some bond from root to midway.

Step 3 - Chop up those lashes to your desired length and pop them under your upper lash line.

Step 4 - Use the applicator to fuse the falsies with your real lashes.

Step 5 - Seal the deal and bat those beautiful lashes!

You can watch our tutorial here

The lash bond comes in a sleek tube, reminiscent of a mascara, making for a smooth and effortless application. Just be sure to remove any excess from the brush, as a little goes a long way. And don't forget to apply only from the root to about halfway up the lash - we don't want any chunky lashes.

Underlash bond is water-resistant but don't go deep-sea diving with them just yet. For the first 48 hours after application, keep those babies dry to let the bond set properly. If you need to clean your face, play it safe and use wipes and ear buds to get into those hard-to-reach areas. And if you accidentally get them wet in the shower, just give 'em a pinch and reseal for maximum lash longevity.

Nope and we are super proud of this. Just be sure to stick to the recommended 7-day wear time and use our specially formulated remover for easy and damage-free removal. Our nourishing ingredients work to break down the bond, leaving your natural lashes unharmed and healthy.

The reason why the underlash eyelashes are so light weight and comfortable is because the lashes have been hand made which makes them delicate. The lashes are not designed to re use after the 7 day wear but we have had many Underlash wearers say they re use their lashes but we do not advertise these lashes as reusable. If you loose a lash during the 7 days you can definitely re apply that lash.

To use the remover, generously apply it to your lashes, then wait for 30 seconds before wiping it off with a clean makeup pad or cotton disc. If needed, repeat the process. Watch a turial here.

You will receive 2 packs of Underlash lashes in 2 different lengths. The 2 different legths are advised to create a dynamic look using shorter lashes in the inside and longer on the end. each packet contains around 20-23 segments. Need help with choosing your lashes, take our quiz here.

Based on 204 reviews
The Starter Kit
Emily Martin

Okay ladies I have literally tried everything when it comes to eyelash extensions and let me tell you these don’t compare.
I use to go to a lash tech every 2 weeks but my natural lashes were taking a massive hit (falling out etc). These have been a massive game changer, I’ve tried 3 different brands now since then & this is the only brand I can confidently say I will purchase & recommend again.
The starter kit is so cute & personal I don’t know how to describe it, you’ll just have to get it to understand what I mean 😅

The Starter Kit
Erikka Groom

the lashes were so easy to apply. I have order magnetic ones who say they’re easy to apply and could never put them on. These literally took 10 minutes to apply and lasted over a week !!! So in love with them

Good overall

Main pros - very very easy to apply and the lashes look very good and natural on.
The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because I saw it was hypoallergenic so i had high hopes for it. But after my first application around day 3 my eye felt very irritated and red. I had to remove them the next day. But I thought it might be because I put them too close to my waterline so I tried again with this set of lashes and still had irritation. I might try the white bond to see if it makes a difference.

Iconic Lashes

Amazing. Will keep them stocked up.

Natural Lashes
Elaine Pham
Natural lashes

Love these lashes !! Best lashes
Highly recommended

The best durable lashes

Hi, i just wanna say the durability of these lashes is top quality. I went to a music festival on saturday it was hot. They withheld the sweat, the heat and the torrential rain at the end. Ive still got the same set on no movement or loose lashes and they are so comfortable.
I just want you to know your product is amazing this is my 4th set and im addicted. Thank you 😊

I didn’t believe the hype until I tried them!

I have never been able to apply strip / singular lashes with any success so I was hesitant to purchase underlash but I was shocked at how easy they were to apply and how amazing they look! You won’t regret purchasing them!

The Starter Kit
Mari Price

I am absolutely loving these diy lashes. They are so easy to apply, they really do stay on for ages and have become apart of my weekly routine. I love the brown lashes too as they look so natural. Will definitely be purchasing again and again, AND AGAIN! Obsessed

Lash starter kit

I have never been able to successfully apply a false lash, enter underlash. First time application was as easy as advertised. The bond doesn’t set quickly so allows you to reposition lashes if needed. I tried natural 8mm as I have hooded eyes and is a very natural look and would definitely go up a length to accentuate the outside of the eye. 100% recommend.

Mind blown

These are so amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t listen to my friend earlier. First set only lasted 5 days but I believe that was due to my own fault. Very happy customer.

Natural lashes

Love these lashes lasts me all week !! And so easy to put on xx

I’ve been converted to underlash lashes!

Ive tried a few different brands and underlash is by far the easiest to apply and the styles are just spot on. I’ve tried all styles, my favourite has to be the mood lashes for an all rounder style. Otherwise the iconic is great for the extra volume for special occasions. I’m definitely going to take advantage of BFCM sales and stock up!

Mood Lashes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my lashes! I just tried them tonight and they’re so natural and beautiful looking. I’m so so happy! I can’t wait to buy more! I’ll get 3 sets out of this one film. Go girls, you won’t be disappointed! 😍

Natural Lashes
Elaine Pham
Natural lashes

Been wearing these lashes everyday for work! Have had so many compliments that they open my eyes !! Will be purchasing more.

Mood Lashes

Honestly will never go back to extensions again. These are so much more time efficient, customisable and are better on the bank too! Can not recommend enough!!!

The Starter Kit
Joanne Nowicki
I love it

Easy to put on and looks natural. You can’t fault these they are the best on the market.

The Starter Kit
Elaine Pham
Natural lashes

I been wearing the natural lashes to work and I have had so many compliments! Will def be purchasing more.

Natural Lashes
Elaine Pham
Natural lashes

Been wearing the natural lashes for months now and they always make my make up look so gorgeous
Just need to stack them to give more volume for a night out !! Or keep them natural for a brunch date.

Lash tech approved

As a experienced lash tech I never get time to go get my own lashes done and have tried to find an alternative with many other DIY brands with not much luck.
As I’m allergic to a lot of glues UNDERLASH is hands down the best that actually look like lash extensions with no allergies!
The band is light weight and flexible making it easy to customise your set.
The best part is if I get bored of a style I can switch within a few mins! I can’t do that with lash extensions

Natural Lashes
ingrid halsall
Love ❤️

So natural and fluffy , I’m in love with the brown as I only put on near ends as I like the more natural look and the brown is 👌 I’ve tried a few others and found cheap and 😳 so fake looking, so I’m sticking to these , classy and quality

I’m hooked

I’ve tried lash extensions so many times and I can’t stand it when they start to fall out, get twisted and once my natural lashes grow a little the extensions just droop and make my eyes smaller. I’ve literally had so many compliments with underlash. I’ve put more in my cart already!

Hands down best lash kit

After a disappointing experience with a different eyelash kit, I was hesitant to try again. Thankfully, I stumbled upon your product after a Google search, and what a game-changer! The fact that your lashes are Korean silk, as opposed to the synthetic ones I tried before, caught my eye.

I’m beyond obsessed with the results! The application is a breeze, and the outcome is akin to having a professional lash artist at my service. Thank you for restoring my faith in DIY lash kits. I’ll definitely be back for more—again and again! 💖🌟

Best DIY lash system!

Easy to use, no sensitivity, beautiful lashes in Natural and Mood styles, easy to stack too!


i’ve been using these lashes for 9 months now and will never go back to extensions. so easy to use, so natural and my natural lashes are so much healthier too. i’ve gotten a couple friends onto these and they love them. highly recommend!

Mood Lashes

Love the brown lashes

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