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Underlash is the most convenient way to apply lash extensions DIY, as your eyes are open during application. The bond stays sticky so you can move the placement of the lash easy without the glue drying too quickly. Even with no experience you are able to apply the Underlash lashes following our step by step guide, keeping in mind there is a learning curve so after each application you will get better!

Ok hear me out, Give yourself 30 minutes for your first go. This is HEAPS of time and yes I hear you, You said 5 minutes! And this will come but I want you to read the instructions and take your sweet time.

The Underlash kit is a single purchase that requires refilling. It includes two packs of Underlash lashes that can be used for 4-5 sets of lash applications, varying on the size of your eyes. The bond, seal, and remover will last for approximately 8-10 sets or around 3-4 months.

Step 1 - Curl those natural lashes to perfection.

Step 2 - Brush on some bond from root to midway.

Step 3 - Chop up those lashes to your desired length and pop them under your upper lash line.

Step 4 - Use the applicator to fuse the falsies with your real lashes.

Step 5 - Seal the deal and bat those beautiful lashes!

You can watch our tutorial here

The lash bond comes in a sleek tube, reminiscent of a mascara, making for a smooth and effortless application. Just be sure to remove any excess from the brush, as a little goes a long way. And don't forget to apply only from the root to about halfway up the lash - we don't want any chunky lashes.

Underlash bond is water-resistant but don't go deep-sea diving with them just yet. For the first 48 hours after application, keep those babies dry to let the bond set properly. If you need to clean your face, play it safe and use wipes and ear buds to get into those hard-to-reach areas. And if you accidentally get them wet in the shower, just give 'em a pinch and reseal for maximum lash longevity.

Nope and we are super proud of this. Just be sure to stick to the recommended 7-day wear time and use our specially formulated remover for easy and damage-free removal. Our nourishing ingredients work to break down the bond, leaving your natural lashes unharmed and healthy.

The reason why the underlash eyelashes are so light weight and comfortable is because the lashes have been hand made which makes them delicate. The lashes are not designed to re use after the 7 day wear but we have had many Underlash wearers say they re use their lashes but we do not advertise these lashes as reusable. If you loose a lash during the 7 days you can definitely re apply that lash.

To use the remover, generously apply it to your lashes, then wait for 30 seconds before wiping it off with a clean makeup pad or cotton disc. If needed, repeat the process. Watch a turial here.

You will receive 2 packs of Underlash lashes in 2 different lengths. The 2 different legths are advised to create a dynamic look using shorter lashes in the inside and longer on the end. each packet contains around 20-23 segments. Need help with choosing your lashes, take our quiz here.

Based on 289 reviews

Super easy to apply, natural looking and comfortable to wear. Love love love ❤️

So natural

These lashes are the best I’ve tried! They are so easy to put on and quick. I have got so many compliments on my lashes since wearing them and everyone is so surprised when I say they aren’t natural. They are perfect for a confidence boost and I love how fluffy they are. I have recommended these to so many people.

Natural extensions

Love how natural these look and so easy to apply

Mood Lashes
Jess Stitz
Really happy!

So lightweight, easy to install and look the best out of other brands I've tried. I will be purchasing again!

The Starter Kit
maryam abdul
Cheap quality

The supposed natural style is so curly and fake looking that it doesn't even stick to my natural lashes. Have to say was very disappointed as I have used many different lash segment products before. And the fact they don't come pre cut is just another downside and hassle.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Maryam. I'm truly sorry to hear that the lashes didn't meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality PBT silk fibers available, renowned for their durability and premium finish. The C curl is designed to complement the natural curvature of your lashes, aiming to enhance rather than overpower.

I understand your concerns about the lashes not being pre-cut. Our decision to offer them in a ribbon format is intended to allow for maximum customisation to accommodate all eye shapes without waste, providing a tailored fit that pre-cut lashes often cannot offer.

We appreciate your input as it helps us to improve. If there are specific aspects you believe could enhance your experience, or if you’d like tips on application, we’re here to help.

The Bond

it does the job well,the only thing i noticed the bond leaves a white residue and i dont like it. my lash still looks beautiful after few days of using it but i can see underneath the white residue. i hope you can still improve it, nonetheless i still love your product love.

Hi Lovely, the white residue is where you have placed to much seal. Use the ball on the end of the brush to dab a very small amount of seal only where the bond was placed (At the root of the lash, not the tip) If you get stuck be sure to follow us on underlash_ on instagram where I share tips and tricks for the perfect lash application.
Laura x

The value for money is amazing! Especially since you can clean up the lashes and use them again. Obviously more work but 100 times better then sitting through long lash appointments and walking out with lashes you know will fall out sparingly over the next 2 weeks. Underlash gives you complete control of your lash look. It is so simple and perfect for the low maintenance makeup look. Also great if you want to transition to more of a night look by adding another layer on top of your lashes. All round love this product!

Mood Lashes
Farah Asim
Still so natural!

I initially bought the natural being a minimalist but this is better! Its still very natural with a slight omph! Is just the right amount of extra lift! Are probably my favourite now.

The Starter Kit
Farah Asim

To let you know, I am a big minimalist and have NEVER been able to wear or use lashes for too long. At event my siblings would force me and the reason is simply they are uncomfortable and I cannot put them on myself ever.

I purchased your starter kit gave it a quick go yesterday on one eye but looks like I got to much glue so gently took it out, which was super easy and thought will try again the next day.

Today was the first chance I got to try proper application and all day wear of your natural range of lashes. Let me tell you I was SHOCKED! I did it in almost less than 5 mins and ran out the door. I was in a rush and the only thing I change was less glue but I couldn’t believe it was so quick and easy.

Not only that I have had them on all day and slept in them too and they are the most comfortable lashes I have worn ever.

I am so in love and now for someone who has NEVER been able to do my own lashes in 20 plus years, I can do it in super speed, with super comfortable and gentle products and feel good about my lashes now.

Amazing! Thank you.

Stunning!! A+++++

Have been using underlash for a year!

It’s coming up to my one year anniversary of using underlash and I still blush when people compliment my lashes. They are always stunned when I tell them i apply them myself. Can’t see myself ever going without my underlashes, I have mastered the application practice makes perfect they only take 10 minutes to apply and last me a few weeks.
Amazing work Laura xx

Amazing Product

Laura, you are a genius. The lashes are SO easy to apply and look flawless. I wouldn’t do lashes any other way.

Natural Lashes
Elaine Pham
Best lashes ever !

These are the best lashes on the market ! I would never want to go a different brand !

Had reaction to the bond but great lash and easy to use,

Unfortunately I had a reaction to the lash bond, after 2 days of wear my eyelids were very itchy. Wish there was a sensitive version of the bond released! The lashes were really great quality and easy to DIY so it is a shame the bond is not suitable for sensitive eyes

The BEST System

I’m so happy with these lashes. I used a complete kit and have repurchased. I love that they come in brown and they’re SO light and comfortable.

First time user and I’m HOOKED!

I’ve been getting professional lashes done for the last 8 years the upkeep and cost were starting to take its toll. For the last 12 months I’ve been giving them a break and nourishing my natural lashes but I miss having lash extensions so much!
After trying another brand and being utterly disappointed with the quality I gave up. But then found Underlash and my god they are amazing! The lashes are so lite and attached to easily, the bond is super sticky but doesn’t clump and go stringy. The DIY kit is an amazing way to keep all products on one place and super easy to chuck in the suit case for your travels!
Just like the instructions said it literally took me 5 minutes to apply on each eye.
Honestly if you’re looking for an at home lash kit - this is it, look no further I promise you won’t regret it!!

The Starter Kit
Aimee E Loyola
First time user and it was so easy!

Loved how good these lashes looked, I bought the 8mm natural lashes and they definitely gave me the look I wanted. Thank you, I'll be buying from you again.

The Starter Kit
greshel Ibanez
The best lashes ever.

How i love this lashes. i tried other lashes but it feels heavy but this lashes OMG feels very comfortable. i dont go to salon anymore for my lashes,i can do this amazing lashes for 5 minutes.❤️❤️❤️

Iconic Lashes
Clarissa Saunders
easy to put

absolutely loved it 😊

Natural Lashes
Elaine Pham
Natural lashes

Love these lashes ! They help my make up look stand out.

The Starter Kit
Clarissa Saunders
love it

love my under lashes sooo much

Tried it for 7 days and it's still on - it's great!

Got Underlash when I was looking to transition away from lash extensions. I did a bit of research and compared various brands, but Underlash was the one that stood out to me (though the price stood out too haha) because of how natural it looked, even for fuller styles !!!!

I've since tried it (have them on for the 7th day as I'm typing) and attaching them to your lashes was incredibly easy!! My advice is to take it slow to ensure that the lashes are parallel to your lash line and also follow any of Laura's tips on instagram (e.g. not putting on too much bond).

In the past 7 days, I made sure to stay away from water for the first 24 hours, but on the 3rd day, I was already cleaning my lashes with a lash foam as I would do with extensions (despite Underlash saying it wasn't waterproof!) and have been doing it until today. For the first 2 days I did reapply seal after cleaning, but then decided not to to see what would happen, and I'm happy to say that the lashes are still on (though 2-3 clusters have lifted a tiny bit) and are quite solid!

I'm also appreciative of the fact that Laura recommends we take off the lashes after 7 days to prevent damage. Having had extensions for a few years, I really value lash health and encourage all lash lovers to do so (!!! pls). The other brands that say you can have it on for 2 weeks or so really tell me that they don't care about the health aspect...

I chose the brown lashes in 8mm & 10mm in Mood Style in the kit (but honestly regret not buying the 12mm too!! sad I have to pay for shipping again haha; so I do recommend getting 3 lengths esp if you want a more contrasted cat eye look!) and they were very natural looking for fuller lashes. I would say it's more natural than the volume lashes that some of us get because of the dark brown colour, and because of the length.

In terms of how it feels vs lash extensions - would say it's nice not to have your eyes sting at all when it comes to the bond. And it's great to be done in 10-20 minutes especially for the first time!!

Some things that can be improved:
- Feel of the bag - it's a bit rough
- The curler - not sure if it's my eye shape but sometimes it catches my skin (ow), but I do love the comb design and it's an effective curler too
- Wish one box of lashes could last me longer ;___;!
- Being able to choose black bond + brown lashes (would it look good??) or even add additional lashes to the kit on top of the original 2 ><

Things I love:
- Lash quality is evident - and trust me when I say I have a reputation for being picky about products and food (my friends tell me that and I know beauticians secretly think that..)
- System is easy to use and pretty straightforward!
- The cute pastel colours of and the font on the packaging! Great idea Laura :D
- Laura's responsiveness when it came to Qs I had about the products before I decided to buy

The Seal
Elaine Pham
The Seal

Love the seal ! It helps my lashes last so long.

Great lashes

Overall, really great lashes. After years of lash extensions, I really wanted to take better care of my lashes but I felt so bare without anything and I react to mascara. So these were a really great alternative. I got the Brown 10-12 natural.

I think it takes a bit of mastering your first few goes to really get it right. normally they last me 4-5 days but I think that's just because I'm still testing it out. The one thing I don't like is sometimes after a few days you can see the glue at the base of the lashes. Once again not sure if this is a me thing or not.

Mood Lashes (Dark Brown- 12mm/14mm)

These lashes are absolutely stunning! I've gotten so many comments on my lashes recently since wearing these so thought it fitting to write a review singing my praises! I've used a few different brands of at home lash extensions and find these by far the most comfortable and flattering! The lashes themselves are lovely and wispy and very user friendly as well as you can cut the lashes into slightly bigger clumps to make them easier to apply. The dark brown shade is super flattering if you fair haired or have naturally light eyelashes/eyebrows and looks as if you have naturally lush lashes. Perfect time saver as well as you don't have to commit to lash appointments and can speed up your morning routine as you don't have to fuss with mascara!

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