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When you receive "The Bond" It will come very wet as it has not been opened let and oxidised. Once you use the bond for a few applications you will feel the consistency is a little dryer. This is a good thing and will give you your best application! This means the bond is slightly tacky and will give the lashes a better hold.

Make sure you always put the lid on properly to stop excess air getting inside and do not leave out in direct sunlight.

The bond should be replaced at a maximum 6 months.

Simply brush a small amount of bond straight onto the lash extension on the base to approximately half way and re apply, seal and you're good to go.

You may be applying too much bond. Next time you apply your Underlashes try less bond, you should dab the bond at the root of your lashes only. If you apply too much bond you may experience a tacky feeling on the lashes. If you still have a sticky residue The seal will solve this, not only does it help your lashes last longer but it will remove any sticky residue on your Underlash set as long as the residue isn't down to over applying Bond.