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The Ultimate Guide to Using Brown Lash Extensions

brown lash extensions

Try The Latest Trend - Brown Lash Extensions

At Underlash, we're thrilled to introduce you to the captivating world of brown lash extensions. With the rise of this understated beauty trend, we're here to provide you with everything you need to know about using brown lash extensions to enhance your natural charm.

Why You Should Choose Brown Lash Extensions

  • Ideal For People With Light Colouring: If you have fair skin or lighter hair and brows, brown lash extensions are your perfect match. Unlike black extensions, which can appear harsh against lighter tones, brown extensions add warmth and complement your complexion beautifully.
  • Perfect for our 50+ Lash Lovelies: As we age, our lash line tends to thin out. Brown extensions come to the rescue, providing definition without drawing attention to any missing lashes. They also create a softer contrast, especially if you have naturally silver hair.
    brown lash extensions
  • Enhance Eye Colours: Brown extensions have a magical ability to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. They intensify blue eyes, give hazel eyes a golden hue, make green eyes stand out, and brighten brown eyes.
  • Achieve a Natural-Look: Brown lash extensions provide a toned-down, natural look. They blend seamlessly into any situation, from a casual day at the beach to a glamorous night out. If your natural lashes are black, matching them closely with brown extensions prevents a two-tone effect as your lashes grow.

New to Eyelash Extensions? Brown Lash Extensions Are Your Best Friend!

First-time lash extension enthusiasts often approach the process with a hint of hesitation, unsure about sporting a dramatic look. That's where brown lash extensions come to the rescue.

These natural-coloured lash extensions offer a gentle transition into the world of bold, stunning lash lines, which you know they'll come to adore.

For those who are new to eyelash extensions, carrying the weight of extensions on their eyelashes can be quite daunting. This is where Underlash are different - our lashes are applied under the lash line, meaning they aren’t heavy or uncomfortable, and offer a great “first step” into the world of eyelash extensions.

DIY eyelash extension kit
Brown lash extensions are the ideal choice for those who are venturing into the world of eyelash extensions for the first time, providing a subtle yet captivating look that won't overwhelm.
We recommend our Starter Kit for those new to the world of lash extensions - it is a DIY eyelash extension kit that has everything you need to get started!

Black vs. Brown Lash Extensions: How to Choose

Still unsure about whether to go for black or brown extensions? 

Consider brown lash extensions if:

  • brown eyelash extensions
    You have light-coloured hair, lashes, and brows.
  • You desire a natural lash look.
  • You usually go makeup-free or prefer the no-makeup
    makeup look.
  • You're new to eyelash extensions and want to start with something subtle.
  • You're looking for a fresh and different look.

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Consider black lash extensions if:

  • You have dark or black hair, lashes, and brows.
  • You want a dramatic and bold lash look.
  • You often wear bold makeup and enjoy the full-glam look.
  • You're an extension enthusiast and always opt for something striking.
  • You love the classic black extensions look.

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Which Adhesive Colour for Brown Lash Extensions?

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of brown eyelash extensions, the choice of adhesive colour plays a significant role in achieving the desired look. Brown lash extensions can be applied using different adhesive colours, each offering a unique effect:

  1. Clear Adhesive (The Bond in White (dries clear)): Opting for a clear adhesive results in a light base along the lash line, creating a more airy and subtle final look. This option is perfect for clients with very fair or light hair, or for those who prefer a makeup-free or eyeliner-free appearance. The clear adhesive complements brown lash extensions, emphasising their natural charm without adding unnecessary drama.
  2. Black Adhesive (The Bond in Black (dries black)): When brown lashes are paired with black adhesive, a captivating ombre effect is achieved. The brown lash body remains soft and luxurious, while the lash line's base takes on a deep and rich appearance. This blend of brown and black offers the best of both worlds, providing a harmonious and striking contrast.
eyelash extension remover

For those seeking a subtle and understated look with brown lash extensions, choosing the clear adhesive, which dries clear, is the perfect choice. It allows the natural beauty of brown lashes to shine through while maintaining a light and airy lash line. Explore the versatility of adhesive colours to customise your brown lash extensions according to your clients' preferences and style.

Want To Be Bold? Go 50/50 Black and Brown

Combining black and brown lash extensions can result in a captivating effect. While it may not yield a drastic change from a 100% black lash look, you'll notice a subtle interplay of brown shades when the light illuminates your eyes through the black lash extensions, creating an intriguing and unique appearance. Explore the intriguing possibilities of black and brown lash extensions for a distinctive look.

The Best Lash Mapping for Brown Lash Extensions: 

Much like with black lash extensions, the possibilities for designing and mapping with brown lash extensions are virtually endless. However, if your goal is to achieve a 'natural look' with brown lash extensions, keep these key factors in mind when planning your mapping:

  • Adjust Length for Natural Look: Since natural lashes are typically shorter towards the inner and outer corners, opt for shorter extension lengths to maintain a realistic appearance.
  • Embrace Varied Lengths: Natural lashes are inherently diverse, with varying lengths. To replicate this natural diversity, choose several different extension lengths and mix them throughout the set for a seamless and authentic effect.

Hair Colours That Suit Brown Eyelash Extensions

Learn how different hair colours can complement your brown lash extensions and elevate your overall style.


Blondes often find black mascara to be overwhelming, especially without full makeup or a darkened lid behind the lash line and eyeliner. The intense contrast of black against their natural hair colour can make them feel washed out. However, when they switch to brown lash extensions, the contrast softens, providing beautiful definition without overpowering their features.


Redheads exude warm tones that harmonise with their hair colour and skin tone. Black lashes can diminish the radiant warmth that redheads naturally possess. Instead, brown lash extensions enhance their unique aura, complementing their overall look.


Brown lash extensions are making waves among brunettes. When choosing between black and brown lash extensions for brunettes, consider two key factors: How much makeup does your client typically wear, and how dark is their brown hair? Dark brunettes may still prefer black extensions, however, medium and light brown brunettes can embrace the elegance of brown lash extensions. For those not fully committed to an all-brown look, a blend of black and brown extensions within the set can offer a unique touch (say hello to lash highlights!).

The Colour Theory of Brown Lashes with Different Eye Shades

natural lash extensions

Dive into the world of colour theory to understand how brown lash extensions can enhance your unique eye shade.

Brown lash extensions have the remarkable ability to enhance the beauty of eyes in all shades, offering a unique and flattering touch. 

BLUE Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions: Framing blue eyes with brown lash extensions, as opposed to black, will have a brightening and lightening effect, creating a stunning contrast that makes blue eyes sparkle. Say hello to crystal-clear eyes!

HAZEL Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions: When you adorn hazel eyes with brown lash extensions, they take on a warmer and more golden hue. The rich brown complements the various tones present in hazel eyes, enhancing their natural charm.

GREEN Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions: Similar to hazel eyes, green eyes adorned with brown lash extensions also appear more golden. The brown lash extensions beautifully accentuate the warmth in green eyes, giving them a radiant and captivating quality.

BROWN Eyes + Brown Lash Extensions: While black lash extensions can make brown eyes appear darker, brown lash extensions provide a lighter and more appealing frame. They enhance the natural beauty of brown eyes without overpowering their depth, creating a harmonious and alluring look. Choose brown lash extensions to illuminate your brown eyes.

The Bottom Line

While brown lash extensions offer a subtler result compared to black, they are far from bland. They make all eye colours sparkle and allow you to customise your lash look. Join us at Underlash in unveiling the subtlety and elegance of brown lash extensions