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How To Stack Your DIY Eyelash Extensions With Underlash.

How To Stack Your DIY Eyelash Extensions With Underlash.

At-Home Lash Extensions: Master the Art of Lash Stacking with Underlash by Laura Burbury

Are you eager to elevate your lash game from the comfort of your home? Lash stacking is the key to achieving captivating volume lashes that look like hybrid salon lash extensions, and with Underlash lashes, it's simpler than you might imagine!

What is lash stacking?

Discover the fascinating history of false lashes, dating back to 1911 when the first strip lash was released. These early falsies made of fabric and synthetic hairs were originally used in Hollywood to give starlets a doe-eyed, innocent appearance. Over time, the lash industry evolved, leading to the innovative and thriving field we have today, empowering millions worldwide to enhance their natural beauty.

Lash technology has come a long way since those early days, offering safer and more advanced products. Among these innovations, lash extensions and stacking have become popular techniques.

But what exactly is lash stacking?

In essence, lash stacking involves layering thin lash fibres in a fanned-out manner across your eyes to achieve more volume, length, and glamorous allure. This technique allows you to maintain your preferred lash styles and looks, regardless of the type of lash you use.

Imagine you have had your favorite lashes on and its coming up to the weekend, you want a little more of a hybrid lash extension look then you need to learn how to Stack your Underlash lashes!!

With a simple lash map and the right lash lengths, the possibilities for stunning outcomes are limitless. So, without further ado, let's delve into the steps to achieve that perfectly desirable result every time.

Lash Stacking Basics:

As you venture into the art of lash stacking, remember that you are the artist, and experimentation is key. Feel free to try out different ideas and techniques. You can stack the Natural lash ontop of The iconic lash or vice versa, there is no rules just try and experiment but I would recommend stacking with just a longer length and cutting the section size smaller than your original row of lashes. You can even stack your Underlash lashes under a classic strip lash for added volume.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to become a pro at lash stacking with Underlash, and get ready to flaunt those fabulous, voluminous lashes.

What You'll Need

Before we delve into the tutorial, ensure you have these essential tools and supplies ready:

All of these items are available in The starter kit.

    Step-by-Step Lash Stacking Tutorial with Underlash DIY Lash ribbons.

    Follow these straightforward steps to achieve the ultimate lash volume using Underlash Lash Ribbons:

    Step 1: Prepare your natural lashes

    Start by curling your natural lashes with the curler. The curler has a comb that will separate your natural lashes before the lift, avoiding any kinks or twists in the natural lashes when lifting. This curl will help them seamlessly blend your natural lashes with the Underlash eyelash extensions. Ensure your Natural lashes are clean and free from oil or mascara.

    Step 2: Select your Underlash Lash Styles.

    Choose two or more Underlash Lash Ribbons in your preferred style for stacking. Ensure they complement each other and deliver the desired volume and length.

    Step 3: Apply the first layer of Underlash Lash segments

    Cut your lash segment into size for your first layer, this is usually 1cm or less, Using The applicator, delicately pick up your first Underlash Lash section and apply a thin layer of The Bond to the base of your natural lashes. Allow a few seconds for The Bond to become tacky, then apply the Underlash segment as close to your natural lash line as possible, without touching it. Repeat this step until you have applied the first layer of Underlash segments across your lash line.

    Step 4: Stack the second layer of Underlash Lash Segments

    Once the first layer is in place, it's time to stack! Pick up your second Underlash Lash section with The Applicator (preferable in a longer length), but this time, apply The Bond to the base of the Underlash segment spine. Wait for it to become tacky. Place this segment on top of or slightly overlapping the first layer, ensuring it aligns with the lash line. Continue stacking the second layer of clusters until you achieve your desired volume and drama.

    Step 5: Blend and finish

    Use The Applicator to gently press the stacked Underlash segments and your natural lashes together. This helps them blend seamlessly for a natural appearance. (Make sure you wipe clean The applicator in between applying the lashes and when clamping The Underlash lashes in place.  

    Step 6: Seal your Lashes

    Apply The Seal to the lashes, ensuring it makes contact with all The Bond. This step ensures your lash extensions stay in place and last longer.

    And there you have it! Congratulations on mastering the art of lash stacking using Underlash eyelash extensions. Enjoy your stunning, voluminous lashes, and get ready to turn heads with your fabulous DIY lash extensions at home in less than 10 minutes, that last for 7 days!!!